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    Oxford, the UK and Europe's largest and oldest professional society

    Oxford, UK


    The award winning and critically acclaimed Oxford Guild Business Society is Oxford and the UK’s largest and oldest student careers society. Originally founded in 1897, now with thousands of members and over 120 events a year, the Guild is widely recognised both nationally and across the University as the leading careers-related society. The Guild is often the first port-of-call for both students looking to apply for internships and jobs as well as companies looking to recruit the best students at Oxford.



    It is free to join and being a member enables you to attend and receive weekly updates about all our events.


    If you are interested in attending our legendary events and socials, finding out more about different career options from some of the world’s largest companies, or hearing from inspirational high profile speakers whilst meeting like-minded individuals from different courses, colleges and years, then join for free today!


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    Student Societies 

    Oxford, UK


    Oxford Entrepreneurs was launched in February 2002 whilst Brookes Entrepreneurs was originally founded in 2008. Both organisations seek to organise talks at their respective universities to help encourage an interest in entrepreneurship among the student body. 






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    Catalyse an economy of innovation by fostering a global community of top student entrepreneurs and change makers, driven to individual and collective action towards a better future

    London and Oxford, UK


    Founded in 2008, the Kairos Society is a non-profit organization based in the United States. We work to find and empower the young pioneers who will push the world forward through entrepreneurship and innovation - we do so with the support of the top universities, mentors, and corporations across the globe. At the Kairos Society, we view today’s global problems as opportunities for entrepreneurs to focus on the meaningful businesses and innovations that will radically change the world for the better. Not only for our generation, but for the generations to come.






    The startups spinning out from Oxford, with our involvement at the very very early stages

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    We specialise in the use of space technologies to create products applicable to everyday use on Earth.

    Oxford & China


    Modern childcare equipment is generally well designed, strongly branded and extremely safe. However there have been limited advances in core functionality and the designs for baby cots, playpens and pushchairs have not evolved significantly in many years. In particular, existing baby cot products are complicated and time consuming to deploy and fold up, and too heavy and bulky to carry easily. SpaceCotTM is a new super lightweight baby cot, which can be deployed and retracted in seconds.



    The company was founded with support from the European Space Agency, Future Business Oxford, and the Said Business School at the University of Oxford.

    The initial product portfolio is focused on the babycare market, creating a range of market-leading babycots, playpens and other baby transportation offers.


    It was founded by Julian Janke and Fujia Chen. They both first met at Oxford and now pursuing their dreams together.



    The SpaceCot’s team was selected to join this Sirius Program, Sponsored by Department of UK Trade and Investment.


    Then SpaceCot has been awarded by Innovate UK for its outstanding scientific research and superior product.


    In August 2015, SpaceCot has raised substantial amount of funding from, Ben Gordon, ex-CEO of MotherCare, and Tom Singh, Founder of NewLook and owner of JojoMamanBebe.


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    Technology to help rural communities

    Oxford, UK


    Buysta was formed by three Oxford Brookes graduates determined to level the playingfield for rural energy consumers. Buysta is building a software platform to link consumers, buying groups and distributors and is currently in private beta.



    In 2013 the company secured its first round of funding, and Gerry Johnson (former MD Watersones, Booker, Directorships at Wikes and Asda Group) joined as an investor and Executive Chairman.


    Recently the company has secured Series A round funding.

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    An online sizing tool that helps consumers find the correct size when shopping online.

    Oxford & London UK


    Befittd is an online sizing tool designed to make the shopping experience more accurate.



    Sizing is the most difficult part of shopping for the consumer. There’s no standardisation between or sometimes even within brands. This can often create a barrier to purchase and is the main reason for returns.


    We have a uniquely clean and friendly user experience. Befittd specialises in high-end retailers and works to develop a bespoke solution, both in terms of design and features with each of our partners.


    We work to decrease retailers return rates and increase their overall conversion rates.


    Befittd was founded by two Oxford graduates, Laura Lambert and Toby Abel with the aim of revolutionising the fashion Industry. They have already received first round funding and have started targeting retailers for the innovative service they have created.

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    Crowdsourcing made simple

    Oxford, UK


    Waggle-It is an app that allows users to "ask the audience" in order to help make everyday decisions.

    Users anonymously post and answer multiple choice questions in their "hive", which is based on location, as a way to interact with the locality and have a say in matters relating to their local community.

    Users can also interact with each other through our unique 'follow-up' feature which allows users to see the outcome the poll has had on their everyday decisions.

    Since local businesses and local societies play a big part in the local area, we also provide a platform for groups to interact with people within their hive. If the local bar wants to know what the most popular drinks deal would be, or the local football team wants to ask people who they thought the man of the match was - they can do it via the app.

    It is a light hearted, addictive diversion that allows you to help and poll people in the local area.



    It was founded by an Oxford Graduate, Felix Hamer with the aim to disrupt the market research industry. The firm as so far raised 50K in Angel funding from various Angel Investors.

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    The operating system for Node.js applications

    Oxford, UK




    NodeGear is lead by Matej Kramny, with Alan Campbell and Anže Jenšterle. The company is building a disruptive platform for hosting node.js applications. Node.js is the applications framework that is being adopted at top web brands from LinkedIn to Wal-Mart.


    The NodeGear platform technology is currently in private beta, allowing developers to deploy Node and Ghost applications out of the box.



    A small group of thoughtful, committed, people who want to change the world.

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    Great Association With Quality Deal Flow

    London & Paris



    Keiretsu Forum is a global investment community of accredited private equity angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate/institutional investors. Keiretsu Forum was founded in the San Francisco East Bay in California in 2000 by Randy Williams. We are a worldwide network of capital, resources and deal flow with 34 chapters on 3 continents. Keiretsu Forum members invest in high-quality, diverse investment opportunities. Our community is strengthened through its involvement in social and charitable activities.



    Oxford Accelerator backed startups will have an opportunity to pitch to Angel investors of Keiretsu Forum when they are ready for post Seed Level investment. Oxford Accelerator is in close partnership with Keiretsu Forum London & Paris Chapter.

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    Willow Innovation

    Innovation : technology : commercialisation

    Oxford, UK


    Based in the Harwell campus, Willow Innovation operates in the world of ‘innovation : technology : commercialisation’.  Working with entrepreneurial clients, from inventors and small businesses up to larger corporates, Willow Innovation helps to commercialise and exploit client ideas and intellectual property.


    Broadly speaking there are four main areas of activity:

    • strategy development/identifying the IP/Business Plan authorship
    • helping locate sources of finance such as grants, investors, match-funding, venture capital
    • developing physical product prototypes to prove an idea actually works, retaining design consultancies and brand agencies
    • general managerial consulting, including business development, acting as an advisor, market researcher, mentor or flexible project manager.
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    IP strategy firm with credible expertise

    Oxford, UK


    White Light Consulting Limited is an intellectual property (IP) consulting business offering strategic IP advice and hands-on guidance to small, medium, and large enterprises alike. Helping companies add value by exploiting their intellectual assets through a customized IP strategy aligned with the business objectives.



    White Light Consulting was created by Andrew Sant in 2013 following a 22-year career in commercial technology and product development. Working initially as a technology consultant for multi-national clients and latterly as Chief IP Strategist for a global, multi-billion dollar, US packaging manufacturer, managing and instructing in-house and external teams of European patent attorneys and IP solicitors.


    Andrew has extensive first-hand experience of technology development, IP contract negotiation, and commercial exploitation of IP as a business asset. Andrew is a named inventor on 13 patent families and pending applications and has contributed to 7 peer-reviewed academic publications.


    Andrew will frequently mentor Oxford Accelerator's incubatees.

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    Empowering Entrepreneurs

    London, UK


    The Artha Group is an organisation founded by two Oxbridge-educated brothers to serve as a holding vehicle for their various interests. Ash and Sunny Sangha studied at Oxford and Cambridge universities respectively, and Ash was the first student in the university's history to be President of both Oxford Entrepreneurs and the Oxford Union Society.



    As an organisation, we are passionate about empowering entrepreneurs throughout the world. The Artha Group provides entrepreneurs with investment and expertise, and in addition, we host invitation-only gatherings for interesting people with stories to tell in order to share ideas and to inspire action.


    The Artha Group looks forward to interacting with participants and stakeholders in the Oxford Accelerator.

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    is a boutique firm of Independent Chartered Accountants based in Oxford (with a specialist pension’s office in the City of London)

    Oxford, UK


    RCL is one of the main sponsors of Oxford Entrepreneurs and has a history of engaging with Start-Ups in the very early stages; offering vital financial advice, both from a legislative perspective, and simply as a mentor.



    Talk to the Managing Director, Simon, on 01865 364 350, or e-mail:-

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    Best health for our population and prosperity for our region.

    Oxford, UK


    The Oxford Academic Health Science Network brings together the NHS, universities, business, patients and the public to promote best health for our population and prosperity for our region.



    Breaking down traditional organisational boundaries and building stronger relationships between industry, scientific and academic communities – coupled with better knowledge exchange – will bring lasting benefits as best practice is spread quickly and widely across the NHS.

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    Red Kite Enterprise and Environment is a consulting firm that helps businesses to achieve value and growth from technology and environmental issues.

    Oxford, UK


    Start-ups and small businesses may not have a complete range of commercial skills within their team. But many of these skills, in particular business strategy, marketing, commercial and financial planning skills are essential for survival and success.



    At Red Kite, we have those key skills – developed and proven in premier-league strategy consulting, with blue-chip businesses, and with professional investors. But, we now choose to work as a small firm. We understand the challenges that small businesses face, the flexibility they need, and we enjoy working with them. We have worked under government-funded voucher schemes and are an approved GrowthAccelerator Coach. Like entrepreneurs we have helped before, we hope we can help you to develop your strategy, raise investment and build a thriving business.


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    Creating, developing and transforming life science businesses

    Oxford, UK


    MedInnovate works in:



    ○Healthcare and Medicine

    ○Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

    ○Medical Diagnostics, Devices and Therapeutics


    We work with businesses that develop new technologies, processes, products or services. We help them to achieve major improvements in patient care and create significant returns for founders, employees and investors.


    We create businesses where we see gaps in the market, we help to develop innovations into self sustaining businesses, and we help to transform mature businesses to become more successful. We do this through capital investment and active support.

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    Oxford Accelerator x Hubspot: powering your sales growth

    Growth With Speed, Scale, and Affordability.

    HubSpot for Startups is designed specifically for startups that need tools, strategy & support for growth that's both fast and scalable. From day one, customer acquisition and customer retention has never been easier than with HubSpot for Startups.


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    Lean Investments LP is a seed fund which invests in early-stage Internet and other technology startups based in Europe.


    The fund is a private vehicle controlled by Tim Jackson, a leading figure in the European technology scene as a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, angel investor, commentator and technology journalist.

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    An affiliate of Keiretsu Forum, the world's leading angel network (2nd most active venture investor in the USA and 5th globally), Keiretsu Capital's mission is to create funds each of which provides a diversified portfolio of technology start-ups backed by top tier angel groups or of real estate related opportunities.




    Provide Limited Partners access to proprietary deal flow by investing alongside top tier angels, providing additional capital to complete rounds and acting as follow-on capital where appropriate.





    Increase the value of investments by presenting portfolio companies to investors including syndicate members, venture capitalists, corporate investors, and the public markets.





    Develop liquidity for investments by both facilitating members who wish to buy and sell, and by introducing members to non-members who may wish to buy specific investment positions.


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    Merlin Partners LLP ("Merlin") is an FCA regulated, London based, corporate finance advisory boutique.


    Merlin provides companies with strategic advice and capital raising expertise. Merlin's clients include privately and publicly owned companies which range in size from start-ups to large global corporations that have a specific focus on natural resources and energy, including clean energy transactions. Merlin's industrial knowledge, extensive transactional experience, and international network of relationships enable us to act in:

    - Strategic corporate finance advice

    - Equity and financings for private and public companies

    - Takeovers on the London and AIM stock exchanges

    - Mergers, acquisitions and disposals

    - Refinancing and recapitalization

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    We are looking for great ideas, technologies, and businesses that have the potential to make a big impact on existing markets or create new ones. The best companies are usually the ones that significantly improve the life of patients and help medical professionals obtain significantly improved clinical outcomes.


    To successfully develop these companies, we look for great entrepreneurial talent. Time and again we have been impressed with the ability of top entrepreneurs to attract world-class people with their infectious enthusiasm and ability to articulate a strong strategic vision paired with world-class execution on an operational level.